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Personalized Switch Plates

Posted on January 16th, 2017 in Crafts

Tired of boring white or beige switch plates? You can add more pizazz to your décor by personalizing switch plates with your own photographs and designs. You might feature pictures of your family or pets, show off the logo of your favorite sports team, or choose a design that matches the decorating scheme of the room. Once you realize how easy they are to customize, you just might make the big switcheroo for all of your light switches. switch plate

  1. Print your photograph or design on laser copy paper. The laser paper will ensure the ink won’t run, and the paper is sturdier than inkjet copy paper. Then trim the page so it is about one- half inch larger on all sides than the switch plate.switch plate
  2. Using a foam brush, apply a coat of Mod Podge decoupage glue and sealer to the front of the switch plate. Make sure you get the sides and corners.switchplate
  3. Place the paper in a bowl of water for about 10 seconds. The water will relax the paper so it is easier to manipulate. And after the paper is wet, you can reposition it on the switch plate without tearing. switchplate
  4. Position the wet paper on the switch plate and smooth it out with your fingers. Be sure your fingers are wet, too, so you don’t accidentally rip the paper. Work your fingers along the front and edges to be sure the paper adheres everywhere. Pinch the corners, where there will be excess paper.switchplate
  5. Wait about an hour for the paper to dry, then trim it on all four sides with a hobby knife. Trim the excess at the corners, as well. Then cut out the rectangular opening of the switch plate and pierce the screw holes with your hobby knife.switchplate
  6. Apply another coat of Mod Podge to the decorated switch plate to seal it, and let it dry for another hour or more, depending on the temperature and humidity.switchplate



  1. Lucille Jones says:

    make it printable

  2. Judy Goodson says:

    Can you use an ink jet printer to print the design on the laser paper, or do you have to use a laser printer?

    • admin says:

      With an inkjet printer, the color will run when the paper is dipped in the water. Also, over time the ink starts to turn green.

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