R2D2 Valentine’s Card

Posted on January 29th, 2017 in Crafts

Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi Eileen Hull, you’re my only hope — to make a R2D2 card for Valentine’s Day. As a member of Eileen’s inspiration team, our assignment this month was to create a card using her Sizzix dies. Looking through my stash, I picked up the Sizzix Scoreboards 3-D Adirondack Chair die and just stared at it. Then I ran a blank white piece of paper through it. And that’s when it came to me: I can make an R2D2 from the pieces of this adirondack chair! (Yes, I am a huge Star Wars geek, and proud of it.)

These are the components I used from the adirondack chair die: using white paper, one of the domed shapes and two paddles, and using the blue paper, one domed shape and one of those “A” shapes that look like a pagoda.card

Taking the white domed piece that looks like a fire hydrant, I cut two trapezoid notches from the left and right bottom, leaving a trapezoid in the bottom center. The left and right pieces come in handy later. Then I glued the white “fire hydrant” on the front of the card.card

Taking the blue domed shape, I cut off the top of it and glued it to the top of the white dome, like a yarmulke. Yes, R2D2 wears a yarmulke.  Then I cut a stripe right above the left and right tabs, cut those into little sections, and glued them onto the white as pictured. It’s already looking like R2!card

On to that blue pagoda shape: I trimmed off the left and right sides and made them the horizontal stripes on R2D2’s upper body.


I also cut a blue square for his “eye” area, and some black vertical rectangles for his body.card

On the two paddles, I cut notches in the lower part of them and glued those trapezoids from before to the bottom. card

And using foam tape for dimension, I glued those “arms” onto either side of R2D2.card

The “You R2 Cute” message was written using adhesive vinyl letters.r2d2

I love how the card turned out. Here is the card with some of my original Star Wars memorabilia from 1977. May the force be with you! (Or at least some good Sizzix dies.)r2d2


  1. Eileen hull says:

    No Way! This is awesome- had no idea how you did it! Love how your brain works craft husband 😘

  2. Julia Aston says:

    How unbelievably clever! You ‘see’ outside the box Jonathan! I have this die and I know a couple of little kidlits who who would love this!! thanks for sharing! Julia xs

  3. Janice Carl says:

    This is BRILLIANT! Now I want to make one, thanks for the idea inspiration.

  4. This is unbelievably cool! Wow Jonathan that is thinking way outside the box! Amazing!

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