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Rubber Tire Dog Bed

Posted on June 26th, 2016 in Crafts, Decorating

I don’t know why I can’t resist a cute dog bed, since my dogs would really rather sleep in mine. But here’s one I just made that is super cute, made from an old rubber tire. rubber tire

Did you know you can get old rubber tires for free? Just go to your local tire shop and ask them for one. The tire shop near me just places a pile in the parking lot that anyone can grab, any time of day.

After giving the tire a good scrubbing, it’s time to paint it. I actually painted this tire for an eHow tutorial, and I turned the rubber tire into a swing. But seeing how I don’t swing so much anymore, I decided to take it down and make a dog bed out of it. For the complete eHow tutorial on how to paint a rubber tire, go here. I had never painted a tire before, and I learned that it wasn’t very hard. I wasn’t sure if the spray paint would stay on the rubber, but it totally did. painted rubber tire

After the rubber tire was painted, and it completely dried, I added blankets and fleece to the middle to create the bed. dog bed

This picture really captures Fosse and Gershwin’s personalities. Fosse is always alert, ready to see what’s happening. Gershwin would rather snuggle and rest his head. dog bed

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